About Us

Our Vision

We positively impact your experience as a customer through excellence and integrity in commercial electrical services and consultation.

Mapping our Vision to your Satisfaction

When you partner with us, you give us the opportunity to craft customised commercial electrical solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and conform to the highest quality standards in the industry today. We map our vision to your satisfaction. This means that we do not offer pre-determined solutions that you need to adapt to. From simple lighting and power outlet installations to complex wiring, thermographic imaging and programmed maintenance, at Fusion Industries, you are an essential part and focus of our decision process. In practical terms this means that we are flexible enough to tailor our services to your schedule, your budget and your specific requirements.

An important part of our job at Fusion Industries is problem-solving. More often than not, poorly designed electrical layouts, faulty wiring and other badly installed electrical components are a hazard to the safety and efficiency of your enterprise. We ensure that every job we undertake is preceded by a detailed and expert inspection of your property and a full and honest disclosure of all the existing and potential problems with your installation. Your budget and preferences are factored into every step of our planning, installation, testing, follow up and maintenance processes so that you are completely cognizant of every step we take, how much it will cost, and the final outcome of the installation.

In a market rife with electrical contractors, we believe that our integrity, expertise and experience lay at the core of our competitive differentiation. From your first interaction as a customer to the completion of the installation or maintenance checkup, we guarantee to you an unparalleled customer service experience.

The Company

Founded in 1994 in Australia, Fusion Industries is a full services electrical contractor and consulting firm that specialises in commercial electrical installations and maintenance. We are located in the city of Botany, New South Wales and are the region's premier electrical contractors with a nationwide service reach. The company specialises in commercial fitouts and service, air conditioning, mechanical services controls and programmed maintenance for the government and private sector.

For over two decades, we have adapted our services to meet the needs of establishments including government buildings, schools, offices and factories. Our team of professionals boasts some of the most respected experts in the areas of electrical and mechanical control systems, electrical installations and maintenance. With a flawless track record and hundreds of delighted customers, Fusion Industries is one of Australia's leading electrical contractors. Our system of employment, training, occupational safety and service quality conform to the highest standards laid down by the government and industry best practices.

Fusion Industries has an impressive list of domestic and international companies as clients including some of the country's leading companies. In two decades of operations, we have experienced significant growth, with over 90% attributed to our reputation from client testimonials and referrals.

Mark Maxwell

With over 30 years of experience in the electrical industry, air conditioning controls sector as well as industrial and commercial installation and servicing sectors, Mark Maxwell is the Managing Director of Fusion Industries. Mark brings a wealth of experience and expertise on a wide range of electrical systems and decades of experience in professional electrical contracting for government and private sectors. Mark currently serves as the management representative of Fusion Industries and is the primary liaison with corporate clients

Mark is passionate about environmentally responsible practices that pertain to the electrical industry and is a strong advocate of power optimisation and power-saving best practices for small, medium and large buildings. He heads a team of capable and talented individuals who share his vision, mission and passion for customer delight and excellence.

Ben Collard

With almost 3 decades of experience in the electrical industry, Ben Collard is the Operations Manager at Fusion Industries. Ben has been part of the Fusion team for over two decades. He is intimately acquainted with our philosophy, values and business model. In his role, he is responsible for the planning, implementation and follow-up of the company's core business while overseeing the progress of projects.

Ben is passionate about the continuously expanding scope of the electrical services industry and brings over a decade of supervision and contracting experience. A natural leader, he coordinates high-level human resource functions and acts as a liaison between customers, management and company staff. His extensive experience and expertise in the electrical industry places him in the enviable role of a subject matter expert.

Work, Health and Safety

Working in environments with high-voltage power requires a significant degree of vigilance and adherence to WHS regulations as laid down by the government and in company guidelines. We underline our commitment to our customers and our employees to provide for a safe working environment during and after installations or maintenance. Our site and field staff undergo complete and ongoing training as required.

Quality Management

Our Quality management system incorporates industry-recognised best practices in electrical contracting so that your experience is consistent and in conformance to the highest standards in the industry today. Our services are customised to your needs and our quality management system ensures that every employee delivers the quality expected of an expert tradesman.

Environmental Management

Fusion Industries recognises the importance of maintaining and enhancing the quality of the environment for the benefit of our customers, employees, and the community. Our commitment is to deliver our projects in an environmentally responsible manner with the utmost care for the world around us. We believe that sustainable green practices in electrical contracting and the use of environmentally responsible techniques and products can have a significant positive impact on the world around us.


As part of our commitment to customers and our stakeholders, Fusion Industries carries following insurance policies:

Public Liability of up to $20 million
Workers Compensation to meet statutory requirements